Here is a list of local restaurants that have closed in the last year:

  • September 2013: Anchor Woodfire Kitchen, 119 State St.; Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, 305 Paseo Nuevo; Spice Avenue, 1027 State St.
  • August 2013: Elephant Bar & Restaurant, 521 Firestone Rd., Goleta; Pastavino, 6920 Marketplace Dr., Goleta
  • July 2013: Cinco Estrellas, 316 N. Milpas St.; Mediterra Cafe & Market, 5575 Hollister Ave., Goleta
  • June 2013: New China, 5764 Hollister Ave., Goleta
  • May 2013: none
  • April 2013: Coast Restaurant & Bar, 31 W. Carrillo St.; Pasta House, 6546 Pardall Rd., Isla Vista
  • March 2013: none
  • February 2013: La Carreta Mexican Seafood, 290 Storke Rd., Goleta
  • January 2013: Los Gallos, 2009 De la Vina St.; Meat n’ Potatoes, 4444 Hollister Ave., Goleta; O Street Truck (mobile); Road Dogs (mobile); The New Black BBQ (mobile)
  • December 2012: Little Cantina, 14 E. Cota St.; Open Cup, 728 State St.; Sizzler Restaurant, 5555 Hollister Ave., Goleta; Whodelicious, 811 State St.
  • November 2012: none
  • October 2012: Cafe Blu, 506 State St.; East, 1208 State St.; El Taco Tequila Taqueria, 14 E. Cota St.; EpicBowl, 819 State St.; Itsuki Restaurant, 4020 Calle Real (moved to 7127 Hollister Ave., Goleta); Mimosa, 714 State St.
  • September 2012: Café Zoma 918 State St.; Chocolate Opulence, 819 State St.; Jack’s Bistro & Bagels, 3891 State St.; Kingston’s Candy Co., 3415 State St.; McMasters Steak and Hoagie, 910 Embarcadero Del Norte, Isla Vista; Snack Shack, 801 State St.; Whale Tail Deli, 1114 State St.
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  1. Charles says:

    I was at State Street today and there is a sign outside Quiznos saying that it’s permanently closed starting 9/22. Looks like the Goleta location next to Albertsons is the only one left in town.

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