This just in from Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream in the Paseo Nuevo mall:

On behalf of our staff, I regret to inform you that Ben & Jerry’s has closed its doors.  We have loved our time with our scoop shoppe and we are all hoping that you had as many enjoyable memories as we did on this incredible run!  There are so many people we want to say thank you to and many incredible experiences that we will never forget.

Over the years, we have been privileged to contribute to our community by raising money for our charities and we’ve been blessed with the support of our community in return.  We brought strangers together, who became the best of friends over the years.  We’d like to think we were responsible for those relationships because of the experience you had with us in our little ice cream store.  Although Ben & Jerry’s of Santa Barbara must shut its doors, I know its legacy will live on through the friendships and good times that it helped create.

I am extremely grateful to all of my staff, family and countless friends.  You have truly made my experience unforgettable.

-Robert Lee

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7 Responses to BEN & JERRY’S CLOSES

  1. Antoine Vega says:

    You will be missed, thanks for the delicious scoops.

  2. Bob & Alea says:

    Oh nooooooooooo!

    We’re disappointed, of course. We’ve always been treated so well by every one of the servers, and naturally, we loved the ice cream.

    We wish you well, and thank you for so many luscious treats!

  3. eddie says:

    Was just in there Monday and had a cone. Wanted to ask how things were since McConnell’s opened but thought not to. It was delicious of course, but empty and based on the design of the building, if you just kept walking you’d never know it was there.

  4. Ahlia says:

    SO sorry to hear of this closing and particularly because we are in that hot time of year when we all tend to eat more ice cream to cool off. You will be missed. Thank you for all the happy memories. Your employees are just the best !

  5. Rob says:

    Thanks for all your warm comments, it hasn’t made this
    farewell easier. People may speculate that the cost of doing
    business in Santa Barbara is to blame for the closure, but I moved
    here years ago because after surveying other parts of California,
    Santa Barbara is the destination I chose to have my

  6. Glenn says:

    Yeah weird one. You would have thunk they could have gotten the business they need. Maybe too many people are sneaking into the Rite Aid nearby for the Thrifty’s ice cream, maybe the best ice cream deal on State.

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