I am away on vacation traveling throughout Northern California and Southern Oregon. We arrived at Crater Lake Lodge in Oregon last night and I finally have decent Internet access so I uploaded a batch of news this morning while I have the chance.

Unfortunately we did not find Hyperion, the world’s tallest tree, but we did find the Grove of the Titans and Del Norte, the largest (by volume) single-stem redwood tree. We ran out of time to find Lost Monarch, the largest multi-stem redwood tree.

Unlike Sequoia National Park, which publishes the locations (and has official hiking paths to) all the notable trees (like the General Sherman), Redwood National Park keeps the locations of famous trees secret. Hours of Internet searching will reveal the approximate locations of some of them but Hyperion and Helios (the tallest and second tallest) trees are a closely guarded secret only known by a handful of people.


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4 Responses to OFF TOPIC

  1. Christine says:

    Thanks for the updates! Hope the vacay has been enjoyable.

  2. Whirl says:

    If you go near Grant’s Pass, OR you might try to look up Aja Restaurant, which opened there after it left here. It was a great restaurant and from online reviews it still is. 2030 NW Vine Street
    Grants Pass, OR 97526-8404 Phone:(541) 471-1228 Tim Mock, the owner would be so happy to see some SB locals there. Yelp says that it may be closed, but worth checking.

  3. sbsince76 says:

    Have you read Wild Trees, by Richard Preston?? All about
    the guys (and gal) who were the first to find and climb the trees
    you’re seeking. Pretty cool look into a part of California I know
    nothing about!!

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