A Mexican restaurant named “Tapatia #3” has opened at 5764 Hollister Avenue in Goleta, the former home of New China.

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2 Responses to TAPATIA OPENS

  1. Glenn says:

    Going today for lunch I think. Curious where the #1 and #2 is. I know there is a La Tapatia Bakery on Milpas?

  2. Glenn says:

    Turns out the other two are the La Tapatia Bakery on Milpas and one in Ventura(La Tapatia No. 2 on Thompson I think). Tamales I had were great today, I’ll try a few more dishes. The one on Milpas has excellent food if never tried it and looks like the same good stuff here. The milpas one is famous for its Mole and anything with a corn tortilla(e.g. carnitas tacos) as their corn tortillas are huge and awesome. This one has more seating but less parking than the milpas one. Not a big fan of these No 1 2 3 names, can you imagine if McDonalds tried that? This place may put some of the other lesser quality ones on that street out of business. Apparently may be same owners as Daniel’s Mexican Bakery on De La Vina(which also has good tamales). So all in all a place to try, real review after I’ve tried at least another dish.

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