My long time friend John “Wedge” Wardlaw, who owns the cabin here at Copco Lake, used to eat at Mom’s Italian Village (421 E. Cota Street) for years and feels that their spaghetti meat sauce was the best he had ever had. Needless to say he was devastated when the restaurant closed. Recently he and his wife ran into someone who used to work at Mom’s and John used the meeting as an opportunity to find out how they made their meat sauce. He was very surprised to find out that one of the key ingredients was Rosemary. He also found out that they didn’t use crushed tomatoes, they used tomato paste. When John went home he used these suggestions and was able to make a sauce very close to the Mom’s classic. Here is a list of ingredients in John’s approximation of Mom’s spaghetti sauce: ground beef, tomato paste, celery, onion, mushrooms, olive oil, little bit of garlic, a table spoon or two of crushed Rosemary and Italian seasoning without Oregano. Put all of it into a food processor and make it a puree. The puree step is important because there were no chunks in Mom’s spaghetti meat sauce.

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