This Wednesday May 15th at 5pm, The Restaurant Gal and I will be waiting tables at Pascucci restaurant 729 State St for the Solstice Parade’s annual fundraiser. 100% of your dining bill, including tip, will go toward Solstice (thank you Pascucci owner Laura Knight!) I’ll be joining Mayor Helene Schneider, John Palminteri and more than a dozen other volunteer staff for the special night at Pascucci.

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  1. Nancy Jean says:

    Your email is dated 5/14, but I just received it and it’s
    5/16/13 today. Not sure what happened, but I hope everyone else got
    it before yesterday and made the fundraiser a success.

  2. Gerald Bostock says:

    Sorry you missed the gala. There are pics of it on Edhat.

    And you’re advertising this on this site? Hmmm.
    “RestaurantGuy.com is for sale (Restaurant Guy)
    Click here to buy RestaurantGuy.com for $2,295″

  3. Gerald Bostock says:

    No criticism intended, John. I wish you did own “restaurantguy.com”!

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