I thought Mother’s Day would be a good time to post an update on long-gone Santa Barbara icon Mom’s Italian Village, 421 E. Cota Street that began serving local diners in the 1930′s. Even though the building was demolished and replaced I recently noticed that the name “Mom’s” is permanently etched into the new building (see photo below). On a related topic, the other day I was talking to local real estate owner Frank Nam who tells me he purchased the main bar at Mom’s just before it was to be destroyed and recently installed it in Sama Sama Kitchen, 1208 State Street, the former home of East restaurant. If you want to touch a piece of Santa Barbara history stop by for a drink at Sama Sama.


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3 Responses to MOM’S UPDATE

  1. a p c says:

    I live right over there and always kinda wondered about the ‘MOMS’ thing.

  2. Peter Zimmer says:

    My parents often enjoyed Mom’s Veal Pamesian …30 some
    years ago….also their minestrone soup was renown…..a great
    local eighborhood restaurant….like Jill’s……much appreciate
    and greatly missed…..

  3. Hughfield Howell says:

    My friend turn me on to mom,s in the mid 80,s. I was famished one day decided to go to Mom, we live in LA. I ordered the lasagna, it was the best. We ate there on other occasions. We were very disappointed on Mom,s closing.Any suggestions.

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