Here is an official response received from McDonald’s with regards to last weekend’s blog:

We apologize for any confusion regarding the promotion. A sample is only a portion, and not a full sandwich. We would like to offer you Be Our Guest cards for free Egg White Delight sandwiches, good through the end of the year at any McDonald’s restaurant nationwide. Please advise the best address to mail these cards.

The promotion was supposed to last through breakfast hours and not end at 10 a.m. This has been addressed with our crew and we apologize it was not honored for anyone who arrived after 10 a.m. Please let me know if anyone brings this to your attention as we would also like to offer them Be Our Guest cards for free Egg White Delight McMuffin sandwiches.

If you encountered difficulties at a local McDonald’s related to this promotion please send an email to me and I will forward it to a representative.

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  1. RexOfSB says:

    Sorry–when I see that a restaurant is offering a free sample of a new sandwich, I very naturally assume that it’s going to be an entire sandwich and not just a bite. McDonald’s has just taken tackiness to a new level. Maybe for Mother’s Day they can give a free french fry to any woman who can prove that she’s a mother.

  2. Nik says:

    I went in today and asked about the new brekfast sandwich… Manager (Man in white dress shirt) pointed to the menu showing regular price. I asked about what promotions were offered and he said that none right now but there will be one later. He said he didnt know what the promotion would be or what it would be

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