Plow to Porch Organics, presently located at 3204 State Street, will be adding a second location at Patterson Plus Self-Storage, 5329 Calle Real near Patterson Avenue. Plow to Porch provides a local organic/pesticide free produce delivery service to members who subscribe, they also sell local organic/pesticide free items at their State Street market. Pam Plesons, President of Plow to Porch, says they will also be taking over Twincups Drive Up Coffee and Yogurt business at the Calle Real address. Plow to Porch will be adding their own touches by offering a drive up seasonal fresh organic juice bar, fresh yogurt parfaits including local organic fruits, honey and granola, and organic oatmeal with hemp and flax seed infusions. In addition, Plow to Porch’s produce delivery service members will now be able to pick up their orders at either location. Thanks to reader Valerie for the tip.

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