Reader Sandy is looking for a place that does NOT have a special Valentine’s Day menu on February 14th. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment.

Dear John,

I’m as much a fan of Valentine’s day as the next gal, but on this coming Feb. 14, I’m hosting a UCSB speaker and we want to take her to dinner someplace that’s NOT doing a big Valentine’s Day scene, so we can like talk shop. So we’re looking for a place (maybe ethnic?) which isn’t particularly romantic, whose managers aren’t trying to attract the couples with stars in their eyes, and who aren’t charging an arm and a leg for a simple supper, etc.


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  1. Chaz says:

    Tree House.

    “Good enough” food which does not attract couples with stars in their eyes; definitely not romantic; modest price.

  2. Mac says:

    Mac’s Fish & Chip Shop has your back – the only
    hearts on display are in the haggis.

  3. Jason says:

    I eat at The Crocodile regularly and just asked the
    F&B manager a similar question the other day. She said
    there are no plans to do anything out of the ordinary and it will
    be business as usual. Considering it’s the sort of place where you
    can have a conversation with minimal distractions, I’d say that’s a
    worthwhile bet.

  4. P.W. says:

    Harry’s, Pascucci, Your Place (Thai on Milpas)

  5. Charlotte says:

    I agree with Jason, the Crocodile is a lovely place with a nice patio and really good food. I usually go for brunch and its always been fabulous. There is also a bar!

  6. Sean says:

    Hello, at Pizza Mizza, we our regular menu with regular
    prices and would be happy to host anyone not looking for the usual
    arm and a leg treatment on Valentine’s Day. Best to make a
    reservation if you have a party of 4 or more 805-564-3900. Best of
    luck and hope to see you there! Sean

  7. Glenn says:

    Ethnic and affordable for Greater UCSB area I would try Pattaya Grill(Thai), Nikka Fish Grill(Japanese+fish), Sushi Teri(Japanese), Elephant Bar(Asian mix/wide menu in a little nicer environment) or Cal Taco if just want a quick burger or taco.

  8. VT says:

    Nikka Fish Grill, Cafe del Sol

  9. Lily says:

    If anyone in your party speaks Chinese, I would go to Ming and order off the Chinese menu. There is also Itsuki, but it is still chaotic when it gets busy. Indian Club is also a good choice.

  10. Value for quality, classy ambiance, great variety….Sly’s, Carpinteria.

  11. By the way, Valetine’s Day dinner is always a busy night in a restaurant.

  12. Scott says:

    Sandy, My names Scott Rufer, Manager @ the Breakwater Restaurant in SB. Please talk to Henry Wang, UCSB Chancellor. Were open from 7am-7pm that Sunday 805-965-1557 Thanks, Scott

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