This just in from the new Ca’Dario Pizzeria:

Hi John.

We have finally opened our pizzeria at 29 Victoria street, two doors down from Ca’Dario restaurant. At the moment we are only open at night from 5:00 p.m. and in the new year will open all day, lunch and dinner. We have about 10 pizza options using flour from Italy …. they include traditional margherita and tartufata, which is truffle cheese topped with shaved black truffles… there is also a spicy salami with fresno chillies….  gluten free is also available. The appetizers range from olives, salads and to meat and cheese plates etc. There will be nightly specials as well. We are serving wines (local and Italian) … and beer on tap.  It is a small industrial style  restaurant but still has the coziness of Ca’Dario.

Hope to see you soon… and Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

All the best to you and your family.


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  1. as says:

    They have lots of work to do. Ate there last n ight. They will have a hard time keeping up with Olio de Limone Pizzeria.

    • LInda Beuret says:

      Intolerably Loud!! Went with 6 friends tonight, unable to
      talk at all. Close tables are OK, Wait staff really nice, pizzas OK
      , not great but the noise level was horrendous, wont go

  2. Arnon says:

    PLEASE consider removing a table so that a normal-sized person can eat comfortably at your restaurant, instead of playing bumper-chairs with the person seated behind. “Coziness” is not the word I would use to describe the intolerable spacing of the row of tables. I realize that the narrow width of the restaurant is a severe constraint, but this problem could be solved easily by simply taking out a table, instead of cramming the seating into inadequate space. We liked the pizza, despite the lack of a wood fired oven, but we won’t be back unless the front table happens to be available, or the issue with the rest of the seating is resolved. Thank you.

  3. sasha says:

    We were very excited to eat here since we are really into good pizza. Since Ca’Dario is such a good restaurant we were hopeful. However, we were disappointed to say the least. We were the first customers on opening night and granted they were working out some bugs but the pizza was not good. The crust was very disappointing. It was cracker-like with no flavor. The size of the pizza was small and the way the chef cut it was embarrassing. Instead of 6 even pieces, we got 5 mostly even pieces with a tiny kid’s sized piece. I would have redone the pizza if I were the chef, I wouldn’t send out a product like that. There was too much cheese and the sauce was bland on the Margherita. The truffle pizza was better but still the crust is not worth paying such a high price for such a small pie. The staff was nice but not very knowledgeable about the wine. Lots of gossip going on between female workers which was a bit distracting. The atmosphere was nice, comfortable seating, lighting etc, (we sat at the bar so had plenty of room.) This is not even close to Olio Pizzeria which is not even close to the pizza we prefer and can’t seem to find in SB. SB isn’t the type of town to support artisinal pizza at this point I guess. San Francisco has several as does Mozza in LA. Via Vai and Olio will have to do.

  4. Jennifer says:

    I was so excited to try Ca’Dario’s pizza, as I have been a fan of the restaurant for so long. The experience was disappointing, to say the least. The pizza was not good; really, not good. The crust was bland and limp. The flavor was uninspired. I won’t be going back. I was at the regular restaurant last night (hoping it would redeem the poor experience at the pizza place) and even the food there didn’t seem as good as it used to be.

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