The Santa Barbara News-Press has a nice story today in the Life section on “Mrs. Claus.” My wife Sharon (a.k.a. “The Restaurant Gal”) has played an Elf for the last 5 years at my Accidental Santa call center. After I married her last July she decided to take the role of Mrs. Claus for the first time. The call center is open December 20 – 24, noon – 8 p.m. pacific time. Have your children call 1-800-726-8222 to speak with Santa, Mrs. Claus or an Elf. For more information or to signup as a volunteer visit

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  1. Stuart says:

    That is so cool !!
    Can “big kids” call in also ?

    STU 😉

    PS- any new restaurant openings coming up in the near future ? What’s the word on the street ?

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