Reader Huyen tells me that Little Cantina has opened at 14 E. Cota Street. It is brought to you by the owners of El Taco Tequila Taqueria that closed at that address last month. For more information call 845-6226 or visit

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  1. Stuart says:

    I went to their website, awesome pictures ! What is that plant that the gentleman in the hat is cutting ? Can you cook with it? Also, 14 E. Cota….so, in between Joe’s (formerly Maggie McFly’s, miss that place a lot !!! ) and The Palace ?? Where is 14 E. Cota ?
    Thanks, STU

    • a p c says:

      The plant is an agave plant! They chop off all the leaves, leaving a vaguely pineapple-resembling mass of just the starchy middle, and then they pulp that and make tequila. I had to check it out after your comment because I thought you were being sarcastic and somehow they’d let in a picture of a dude with some illegal plant.

  2. a p c says:

    su cocina esta mas grande de la nuestra?

    It’s between old Cafe Luck and the Palace. It used to have some of the best food in town, fresh delicious drinks and the best happy hour and well tequila in town, but atrocious clueless service… I’m wondering if (based on the menu) they changed the service as well as the food, and hoping they didn’t change the drinks.

  3. I’m so happy to see that they kept my two favorite vegetarian tacos! Woohoo! And that amazing corn.

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