Executive Chef Mazeo L. Frazer at iGrill tells me that the launch of his Korean BBQ restaurant at 3132 State Street (formerly Jade) is delayed due to unexpected city red tape. No opening date was given.

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12 Responses to IGRILL UPDATE

  1. DN says:

    I had called & was told it should be by mid-December. Fingers crossed!

  2. aug says:

    Come on already! starving

  3. Rob says:

    Big shock, the City in the way again. Meanwhile just a few doors down they’ve completely looked the other way when it comes to Uptown Lounge’s ridiculously large signs.

  4. SL says:

    AHHHHHHHH Red Tape! Can’t wait for this opening!!

  5. Anne says:

    Red tape in Santa Barbara?? Shocking!!!

  6. Bob says:

    “Red tape” is a pretty easy excuse to fall back on, especially in this town, and while it certainly could be a factor, I heard there were other reasons for the delay, notably that they don’t have a menu ready.

  7. Cabernet says:

    Is there a way to understand, factually, what the City’s “red tape” issues are? Is this information publicly available?

    • Rob says:

      No it never is, but having done many projects through the city myself I can tell you that it can be a number of things. They will make up anything and everything in order to charge you fees for inspections and permits. The City was a pain before the economic meltdown and that pain-in-the-rearness went into hyperdrive when the economy fell into the abyss. The City has adopted the mentality that its best to charge and fee people/businesses to death, rather than help them get open quickly to get a business up and running. The City is only interested in its own bottom line, which you would think would be helped by new businesses getting going, but instead they’ve gone the other way, increasing permit fees, inspection fees, and dragging things out has become their way of doing things in a tough economy.

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