This just in from the owner of Palazzio 1026 State Street:

Hi John,

Interesting human interest story.  I had a customer send to me these photos:  During WW2, the Palazzio location was a tiki bar restaurant called: “Seven Seas.”  It was a watering hole for many service men stationed in Goleta during the war.  Well, I get a telephone call from a Mr. John Hoke, whose father used to frequent the Seven Seas, along with his other comrades.  John’s father Charles Hoke, is not 88 years old from Omaha, Nebraska.  His family is from LA and they are flying him out to California and this Sunday they are taking him to Palazzio, this Sunday for dinner, (the place he hasn’t seen for 69 years).  The son said to me this is his father’s “last hurrah,” since his health is not very good.

John, this is just one of those great human interest stories with a Veteran returning to Santa Barbara after 69 years coming to Santa Barbara only to visit and remember his days at the 7 Seas tiki Lounge.

Charles Hoke is in both photos.  The one with two guys in it, he’s the one on the left next to the wall.  The photo of the guys at the bar, Charles is the one looking up in the sky, (second from the right).


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  1. Christine! says:

    Mr Charles Holke- I hope you have a wonderful dinner!

    Thank you for bringing me to tears John- what a wonderful story to share with you and your readers.

  2. Christine! says:

    pardon me- Mr Charles Hoke- I hope you have a wonderful dinner!

  3. David says:

    Palazzio should serve him the same menu that he enjoyed at the 7 Seas.

  4. Anne says:

    Thanks for sharing! I hope he had a wonderful, memorable time!

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