The Gobble Song is a Thanksgiving tradition from Santa Barbara’s popular band Spencer the Gardener. As it turns out The Restaurant Guy also has a Thanksgiving tradition.

Each November my email inbox is swamped with the same question: Which restaurants serve a Thanksgiving meal on Thanksgiving Day? Last week I made a hundred phone calls to find the answer for you. Make reservations early because many places will be sold out weeks in advance.

For the 6th year in a row I present to you my Thanksgiving restaurant list which also can be viewed in a new Thanksgiving category.

• Adama, 560-1348
• Arlington Tavern, 770-2626
• Ballard Inn Restaurant, 688-7770
• Bella Vista at Four Seasons Biltmore, 969-2261
• Bistro 1111 at Hyatt, 730-1111
• Blush Restaurant and Lounge, 957-1300
• Bouchon, 730-1160
• Ca Dario, 884-9419
• Cadiz, 770-2760
• Coast Restaurant & Bar at Canary Hotel, 879-9100
• Cold Spring Tavern, 967-0066
• Creekside Buffet at Chumash Casino, 686-0855
• Crocodile Restaurant at Lemon Tree Inn, 687-6444
• Doubletree Resort, 884-8533
• Eladio’s, 963-4466
• The French Table, 882-0050
• Fresco Cafe (take-out only), 967-6037
• Frog Bar & Grill at Glenn Annie Golf Course, 968-0664
• Harbor Restaurant, 963-3311
• Harry’s Plaza Café, 687-2800
• Holdren’s – Downtown, 965-3363
• Holdren’s Grill – Goleta, 685-8900
• Jack’s Bistro & Bagels (take-out only), 566-1558
• Joe’s Café, 966-4638
• Julienne, 845-6488
• Louie’s at the Upham Hotel, 963-7003
• Marmalade Café, 682-5246
• Miro at Bacara Resort, 571-3018
• Moby Dick Restaurant, 965-0549
• Montecito Wine Bistro, 969-7520
• Mulligans Cafe, 682-3228
• Petros in Los Olivos, 686-5455
• Pierre Lafond Wine Bistro, 962-1455
• Plow & Angel at San Ysidro Ranch, 565-1724
• Root 246 in Solvang, 686-8681
• Roy, 966-5636
• Seagrass, 963-1012
• Shoals Restaurant at Cliff House Inn, 652-1381
• Sly’s (take-out only), 684-6666
• Stella Mare’s, 969-6705
• Stonehouse at San Ysidro Ranch, 565-1724
• Tee-Off Restaurant, 687-1616
• Treehouse Restaurant, 687-2426
• Tupelo Junction Café, 899-3100
• Willows at Chumash Casino, 686-0855
• Wine Cask, 966-9463

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  1. Danny says:

    How does a vegan restaurant serve a traditional turkey dinner?

    • SL says:

      Exactly. It’s also a shame too that in a place with such good produce and creative people they have to rely on processed fake meat products for the vast majority of their menu. Disgusting, you’re better off eating meat anyways than that processed junk.

      • a p c says:

        It IS a shame (especially for vegans, I’d think) that their stuff is so meat-analogue-based, but what I’ve had of their menu was damn tasty.

      • Lisa says:

        Sometimes a vegetarian craves a realistic burger or fake “turkey.” It’s not that we eat that way all the time, but if you grew up eating meat, like I did, an occasional “meat-like” dish can be very satisfying. That doesn’t mean I crave meat (especially after 23 years – blech). It’s just a fun option to have.

  2. John Dickson says:

    Good point. I have updated the text.

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