Jack’s Bistro & Bagels in the Galleria at 3891 State St closed their doors on September 27th. Have no fear: you can still find a friendly Jack’s at 53 S. Milpas St. and 5050 Carpinteria Ave. in Carpinteria.

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3 Responses to JACK’S CLOSES

  1. SL says:

    The service here was absolutely atrocious. Possibly some of the worst I’ve ever experienced in all my life. It was to the point you could think you were on some hidden camera show. It’s just an order at the counter type of spot so I don’t expect 5-star service, but jeese was it noticeable how bad it was and how the quality was less than other locations. It’s odd as the location in Carp has such awesome friendly service (except one for lady who also is\was a waitress at another restaurant in Carp who is miserably rude).

  2. Glenn says:

    Too bad, they had good stuff. I almost was hit by a bus a couple of times getting in/out of there.

  3. Charlotte says:

    That weirdo Galleria. Why is it still standing? Its been empty since they opened in the mid 80′s!!??Who could survive there? Well, Jack’s managed somehow for years. I agree w/ SL that the staff absolutely sucked! And the oh so bored employees did not give a s*** about much, especially the oh so annoying customer… C’est la vie Jacques!

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