This just in from reader Kathy:

I was visiting a friend that lives behind the old Taco Bell on DLV and heard some hammering or moving around inside and also saw the owners of the Daily Grind at the back door which was open. New “competition” for Coffee Bean??

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  1. Steven says:

    Daily Grind is FAR superior to Coffee Bean. Not only are the drinks tastier and less expensive, they are TRULY a local company (ask ANY store manager how long they have worked at the store / where do they live)…also, Coffee Bean’s alleged “Kosher” status varies from store to store as does the consistency of their drinks.

  2. Emily says:

    I don’t even think it needs to be viewed as competition…I would like both businesses to thrive in our wonderful neighborhood! Coffee Bean has always been a wonderful business, they have done nothing wrong. Daily Grind will be amazing too. Yummy sandwiches!!

  3. sbdude says:

    Gotta love the anti-chain sentiment in this town. The beauty of a chain restaurant is consistency. You know that what you order is what you expect, every single time. After being burned by local shops that are more foam than coffee (or anything else for that matter), I’d rather stick with consistent.

    I’m sure I need to give Daily Grind a try. But the bottom line, there’s nothing wrong with a chain, and Coffee Been/Tea Leaf has been an excellent business that has given back to the community.

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