This just in from reader Bruce:


I was walking on lower State yesterday and noticed big signs in the window next to the new Indigo Hotel (a space I think was formerly occupied by a Subway) announcing it was going to be a wood fired grill restaurant called “Anchor“.

Congratulations on your CNN exposure.  Looks like you and your buddies hit the big time!

Regards, Bruce

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  1. a p c says:

    I think it’s owned or operated or something by the same guys as Brophy’s et al.

  2. Nancy says:

    oh dear….here come the chain haters!

  3. Tobi Dennison says:

    Anchor is owned by the chef from Square One. It will be an oak-grilled kitchen, with 2 oak fired ovens. Full bar, and lots of outside seating. Cannot Wait! Check out his wood fired pizzas on the weekends at various winery’s in the funk zone on saturdays and sundays

  4. Dane Larson says:

    Awwww! I was super excited that they might be an extension of Anchor Brewing company…….I thought maybe they were throwing a Public House for SB to enjoy their beer. Blast. Hopefully they will have some good beers on tap anyway, haha 😛

  5. Bryan says:

    Oh it’s not only coming its on!! Anchor is awesome!! If you are a true foodie and care about what you eat and how it is prepared and served.. This is the real deal. Like most things genuine don’t take my word ..go and finish this entry for your own.

  6. seems like the big companies just keep getting bigger. Not much room for the little guy. Best of luck to you

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