After intense concentration and a wave of my hand over the all-knowing Crystal Ball, my eatery oracle has revealed a list of locations appearing in your future:

  • Angry Wings 6530 Pardall Rd, Isla Vista (formerly Chino’s Rock & Tacos)
  • Brothers Restaurant 3539 Sagunto St (formerly Red Barn Steak House)
  • Ca Dario Pizzeria Victoria St
  • Chick-Fil-A 3707 State St (currently Burger King)
  • Crushcakes & Café 6533 Trigo Rd, Isla Vista
  • Eureka Burger 601 Paseo Nuevo (formerly Ruby’s Diner) – late summer
  • French Press 528 Anacapa St
  • Fresh & Easy 5955 Calle Real, Goleta
  • Fresh Market 222 N. Milpas St (formerly Scolari’s)
  • iGrill Korean BBQ 3132 State St (formerly Jade)
  • Itsuki Japanese Restaurant 7127 Hollister Ave, Goleta (formerly Baja Fresh)
  • Le Relais de Paris 734 State St (formerly Ruby’s Cafe & Spirits Lounge) – July
  • Maggie’s 1201 State St (formerly State & A)
  • Mullaney’s 21 W. Montecito St
  • Nikka Fish and Grill 5722 Calle Real, Goleta (formerly Jungle George Grill)
  • Panera Bread 700 State St (formerly Left at Albuquerque)
  • Pickle and Swiss 811 State St (formerly Rudy’s)
  • Pizza My Heart 6533 Trigo Rd, Isla Vista
  • Ranch & Reata Road House 3569 Sagunto St, Santa Ynez
  • Santa Barbara Cantina 416 State St (formerly Sharkeez)
  • Snack Shack 801 State St (formerly Rocks)
  • Uptown Lounge 3126 State St (formerly Don’s)
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16 Responses to THE CRYSTAL BALL

  1. SBG says:

    Missing the Habit that’s coming to Isla Vista… I think that’s pretty big news for IV. Not since the BK Lounge was there 10 years ago has an fast food chain been there.

  2. Glenn says:

    When the heck is the Chik Fil A going to show, Burger King still open there I believe.

  3. Chris says:

    Santa Barbara Cantina sounds interesting, but shouldn’t that say “formerly” Sharkeez since Sharkeez no longer operates there?

  4. dmo says:

    So disappointed in the tired Orange County look of the old Dons Jon…
    Absolutely no personality…I imagine the interior will give us more of the same.
    Ho hum

  5. Glenn says:

    You can add the The Habit in IV to the list as there is a coming soon sign on the Former(which is now closed) Dogtown.

  6. Charlotte says:

    So they finally pulled the trigger! Too bad, but the place had some issues. The name and concept was genius……they just stopped paying attention to the details. Shame ……

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