The Bennett family, owners of Brophy Bros. restaurant, have opened “On The Alley” at 117 Harbor Way, the former home of Minnow Café. I previously referred to this business as “Ty’s Café” which was the intended name at one time. The new eatery is many times larger than the hole-in-the-wall it is replacing and has a greatly expanded menu.

The eatery offers a surprisingly affordable menu of breakfast, burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, wraps, melts, tacos, salads, desserts (including soft-serve ice cream), a kids menu and espresso.

When asked why he opened On The Alley, owner John Bennett tells me:

“We’re happy to do this because we found the voids in the marketplace over the last 25 years being Brophy’s. You see what [the public] wanted and what they didn’t have and we were committed to give them what they wanted. We are able to utilize our purchase power at Brophy’s to get good, high quality, affordable food. Any other sandwich shop that size would not be able to offer those ingredients at that price. We just signed a new 25-year lease at Brophy’s. What’s nice about it is that it gave us every reason to invest the money and make [On The Alley] great.”

Hours are 6:30am – 8pm every day. For more information call (805) 962-6315 or visit onthealley.com.

The crew of the new “On The Alley” restaurant at the Santa Barbara Harbor.

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  1. Glenn says:

    Nice format, have not tried but walked by. Be nice if they had tables inside, they have the picnic table setup of Minnow or you can just get it to go of course. Looks like something up the alley for those living in the harbor or getting something to go or those with dogs.

  2. Foodie Dan says:

    Hmm.. The prices appear very reasonable. I’ll have to take my boys down to check it out.

  3. Kathy says:

    We had a breakfast and lunch item this past Sunday just before noon. Good tasting fried clams–wish they cut back on the fries and gave a few more clams. Breakfast burrito was good and big enough for two to share if they want to eat lightly. Nice outside in the sun. Friendly staff–we will be back. Good value.

  4. Charlotte says:

    Post your menu! Seating?

  5. N says:

    I hope this place has the same clam chowder as Brophy Brothers. It seems like it from the menu, but we tried the clam chowder at the previous place, and it was a lot worse than the one they serve at the main restaurant. I think it was called Brophy Cafe at the time, or something similar to that. It was after Minnow Cafe, but before On the Alley. Boy, has this place gone through a lot of name changes…

  6. Liz w says:

    The menu options have been cut way back from before, no sandwich or salad choices and they just added the same items that you can get at the other 2 Brophy’s locations in the same building. I’m sure it makes good sense from a business perspective, but for purely selfish reasons I would have preferred some diversity.

  7. Bob says:

    Swung by this morning. The decor is lacking in character to say the least. Awfully boring and it certainly doesn’t ‘fit’ the surroundings of the harbor. Ordered up a breakfast burrito with bacon. Decent sized, decent price, except when I got to my desk 15 minutes later it had no bacon it. Inexcusable, especially since at 6:30am I was the only one there. Otherwise, the burrito was ok. Nothing special. Won’t be back, especially not for an $8 bacon-less burrito. I miss The Minnow.

  8. iris says:

    great Food,love the new look,great Wraps,good portions,too….love it….:))) Great for us Harbor Folk,thanx for offering great Food. I do not miss the Minnow:))

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