Ultimate Bagels at 1226 State St (next to the Granada) closed their doors on April 13th. The eatery opened in November 2009. Here is a message from owner Alex Weinstein:

Dear Loyal Patrons,

As of Friday, April 13th, Ultimate Bagels is closed for business. It has been an unforgettable three years since first signing the sub-lease from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and beginning the journey of Ultimate Bagels. I’m incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to do business in Santa Barbara and I will take away many friendships experiences and lessons.

Since breaking the news first to my staff last week, and then to our customers, many have inquired about the closure and what is in store for me. Due to a myriad of factors, the business model I formulated, going back to my days at UCSB, didn’t come to fruition the way I had hoped. Though disappointed by this particular outcome, I was still able to attain my goal of becoming a welcomed member of this great community. When I started this business it was my intention to not only run a viable business, but to give back and help the community around me as well. I am proud knowing that we have donated thousands of bagels to various food banks, homeless shelters, schools and
organizations since opening.

My journey continues on to San Francisco where I will begin working in May. AlthoughI have loved my time living in Santa Barbara, and especially being a proud business owner, there comes a time for change and new adventures. I may no longer be living in Santa Barbara but its beauty, people, and community will always be in my heart.

Thanks again for the great memories!

All the Best,
Alex Weinstein
Ultimate Bagels, LLC

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  1. Nick says:

    You will be missed. Good luck up north.

  2. Hey Alex! I’m so sorry, and will miss you so much! You had become our favorite place for lunch and to take clients for meetings. All the best to you! Tom

  3. k says:

    thats a shame…

  4. K8Reader says:

    This makes me so sad! I LOVED Ultimate Bagels, they always made me the best bagel sandwich with turkey and veggie spread on a jalapeno bagel. Alex, we’ll miss you and your upbeat attitude – best of luck!

  5. Jerry says:

    Maybe if we are lucky we can get another Starbucks or a little Panera or Subway or etc. etc. etc.

    It is the unique quality of SB that keeps folks coming back and many staying to make it home. While still plenty of independent small businesses still survive the rents and landlords are makeing tough to survive. That beautiful old 1129 St. space has been vacant for years. The landlord rather have it vacant for years rather than than lease it at a rate where a biz can survive. That is a lot of lost revenue. Just don’t understand that philosophy.

  6. Suzie Q says:

    Another original concept gone because SB only wants their “chains”.
    Good luck to you Alex – I’m positive San Francisco will be a much better place for you to thrive.

  7. Alex,

    I just saw that Ultimate Bagel closed. I wanted to take a moment to let you know that you mattered to Shauna and I. We don’t eat out much, otherwise you would have seen us more often. But when we did have the urge to eat out, your place was top on the list for a nice, healthy lunch in a serving size that didn’t stuff us. We loved the atmosphere, seeing your friendly face, and the fresh, wonderful foods.

    We are going to miss you. May you have a blast up north, run many good trails, and have fun with your dogs.

    Thanks for the many yummy lunches, for making the vegan cashew cream cheese, for returning my wallet, and for being a breath of fresh air on State Street.

    Rachel Fierro

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