Mexican restaurant Chipotle has opened next to La Cumbre Plaza at 3851 State St, the former home of Baja Fresh. Additional South Coast locations are at 723 State St. and 270 S. Storke Rd in Goleta. The restaurant, known for its large burritos, assembly line production, and use of natural ingredients, was founded by CEO Steve Ells in 1993 in Colorado. The company currently has more than 1200 locations in 41 states and has a staff of over 30,000 employees. The
new Chipotle at La Cumbre Plaza is open Mon-Sun 11am-10pm. For more information call (805) 979-3808


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  1. sara says:

    we had dinner there the other night and it was PAINFULLY slow. Took 20 minutes to get thru the line with only a few in front of us… clearly they have some process improvement to work through…. the food was good as always though!

  2. Dg says:

    I have tried the new location 3 times, I will not be back for a fourth. This Chipolte is so poorly run that I have lowered my previous high opinion of the entire chain. I do know how difficult it is to train a new staff, but after two weeks this place has already developed a “I don’t care” attitutude. That’s fine, I don’t care to waste my time waiting in line for my 1,000 calorie burrito. Back to The Habit and Fressco for my lunches.

  3. Lanier says:

    Why is it do difficult to find good employers for All these new restaurants opening lately? We went into see and have lunch at the new La Cunbre location. When We walked in , the employers were talking and Laughing, and no one acknowledged us or said Hello! We looked at the menu, and was still ignored! We left and ate at Panda, where the staff was friendly Professional and helpful. We will not return to Chipotle, an establishment who is rude to Their customers!!! Good help and training Should first!

  4. Kaylee says:

    When it was announced that Chipotle was replacing Baja Fresh, there was a bandwagon of joy for Chipotle and hate for Baja Fresh. Here is my 2 cents: Baja Fresh offers more of a variety of items. Baja Fresh offers fish, shrimp and white meat chicken; none of which are available at Chipotle. And yet BF is not expensive. I have always received excellent quality and service from BF. I understand that Chipotle is wonderful but until they offer the meats that I prefer I will eat elsewhere.

  5. Glenn says:

    Its an assembly line setup so there you go. They have more customers than Baja it seems hence why they are there and Baja is not. The workers were working as fast as they could when I went. They were running out of things, based on the amount of customers there it seemed to me. People were nice based on the hurried conditions of the place, I did not see anybody lollygagging. Maybe they are working out the kinks as they go. Probably need to hire more people.

  6. Scott says:

    McBurrito. Barf.

  7. Suzie Q says:

    Yeah! The “chain” restaurant’s of SB continues……

  8. Megan says:

    Wow. Some people are just rude. I think you guys do an AWESOME job at what you do. It takes time and some people just wouldn’t understand some of the pressure you guys are under!!! Love the food and I will be back 🙂 Keep up with the good work. Your hard work will pay off and sooner you guys will be even better!! I know sometimes working in a restaurant can be really stressful, especially with customers that don’t acknowledge you for your time being in trying to serve them the best way you can. Stay positive!!

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