For the first time since 1972 Burger King is no longer the No. 2  burger chain behind No. 1 McDonald’s. Dave Thomas’s Wendy’s restaurants became the No. 2-selling hamburger chain in the country last year, pushing Burger King back to the No. 3 spot. In a side note related to the payment system most restaurants accept, for the first time in 50 years MasterCard is no longer the No. 2 credit card, being surpassed in transaction volume by American Express. Visa remains No. 1.

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  1. Glenn says:

    Funny how they now have products that look just like Wendy’s to get the business back.

  2. Charlotte says:

    The three most discusting burgers I can think of! Carl’s must come on at #4!

  3. Glenn says:

    Yeah actually McDs for me would be the worst followed by Burger King and best of bunch would be Wendy’s for me. Carls makes a good one too though. But Habit and In N Out blow them all away for the most part. Chubbies did not blow me away.

  4. Glenn says:

    And of Course Cal Taco will give you a Habit type burger too(owners related). I am curious to see what a “new” BK burger will taste like. One thing about BK, you can feed the family with minimal $(and nutrition!) but maybe no longer.

  5. Charlotte says:

    The new BK burger is a complete sham! No flame broiled here, just the addition of liquid smoke flavor in the “char marks” made in the processing plant… Yummy!! These chains are so F.O.S.! It makes me sick even thinking it. Keep em cheap, and full! God bless America..

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