Cafe Luck at 18 E. Cota St., which closed last September then reopened earlier this month, has changed its name to The Pan. I called the eatery and confirmed that their voice mail is now using the new name.

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  1. a p c says:

    The new name is un-google-able! But I’m glad for Cafe Luck’s former employees that they changed the name. It’d look weird on a resume to look like one was the sous chef or making French meringues at a burger restaurant.

  2. a p c says:

    Everything on the menu is the same stuff they have at Joe’s. So confused.

  3. Jerry R. says:

    The Pan?? Bad name to start with. Same basic menue you can get almost anywhere (Joe’s?)

    Not well thought out. Oh well…I give it a year max and it will be in limbo again. Was really hoping for a TRUE gastropub.

  4. Jamie says:

    Their press release said they are a burger concept. A burger place named “the pan” conjures up images of a burger cooked in a pan which seems odd. Burgers on a grill is a better image.

  5. alisa haley says:

    As well, “pan” has negative connotations, as when a movie is “panned” by critics. Maybe they should have gone with The Pot, so they’d get some walk-ins looking for the latest cannibis dispensary.

  6. Emily says:

    Actually one of the best ways to cook a burger is in a pan. Preserves the juices 🙂

  7. Charlotte says:

    Nope! For me a burger is begging for fire…Made of Mesquite, in a perfect world! Grilled onions, aioli, smoked Gouda…done!

  8. LJ says:

    Two words: Umami Burger.

  9. Charlotte says:

    Where is Umami ?

  10. David B says:

    One of the iconic burger place of Los Angeles is called the Apple Pan, it has been around for 65 years, supposedly thought highly of by burger aficionados.

  11. Rob says:

    It’s absurd that people would try and judge the restaurant (or its name) before even going. We went this past weekend and were extremely impressed with the concept and the food. The Pan is comfort food tapas with nothing on the menu over $7 and most $4 and under. When was the last time you could have a meal consisting of a cheeseburger, chicken pot pie, chili cheese dog and a pulled pork sandwich? The quality of food is excellent, the ambiance is low key and the place has a full bar. One of my new favorite spots.

  12. Charlotte says:

    So this is Luck reinventing themselves!!! What are they thinking? Are they a diner now? which is fine, but they need to market themselves as such and not a chic tapas cafe.

  13. Jerry R. says:

    Tapas??? Been to Spain and been to Tapas Bars. I have to say that we have really mugged the word Tapas to describe our “small plate” restaurants. They have little comparison to Tapas Bars. Santa barbara has a great wine community and REALLY needs a true Tapas Bar. I think that Luck would have been a perfect spot for one. Hey…but maybe it would fail?? We have a Spanish heritage and for all intent, no Spanish tapas bars??? A lot of Mexican…(which I love) but Spanish food has almost not resemblance!)

  14. Glenn says:

    Try Alcazars, is that more what you have in mind?

  15. says:

    I actually ate at The Pan last weekend. I had different opinions BEFoRE I had even eaten there (which is, it seems the case with most reviewers..?) Regardless of the bad name, it’s not going to last. It was half empty on a Saturday night (The Palace, two doors down, naturally had a line down the block.) I don’t get the concept. Its open only on Friday & Saturday, ridiculously inexpensive ($3-4 for most things) and the menu is…odd. The have YooHoo, Tater tots, a lot of other drinks I’d never heard of like Bubble juice? But here’s a catch: I ordered a cheeseburger. The description said cheeseburger, not slider, not mini, just cheeseburger. When it came? Smaller than a slider. (It was really good though, I have to say. And I’d rather have a teeny cheeseburger that’s good thAn a huge one that tastes like styrophome. ) Its a gorgeous location, I hope they do something better with it the next time around.

  16. Heather says:

    My family just went to The Pan tonight and it was delicious. I love being able to eat small portions of many things, tapas style, and would have never thought of doing an American Cuisine this way. It was so good and we will definitely go back! I don’t know what everyone here has against the place, but you should try it before you knock it…good stuff!!!

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