This just in from reader Tony:

Hi John,

I was taking a walk around lower State this morning and I noticed what can only be describes as a “ghost” restaurant . Attached is a photo of the looong closed Zia Cafe. It looks like they’re ready for lunch business but they haven’t been open for close to a year! What else can you call it, the place reminds me of Bodie, the ghost town out by Mono lake. things are all in tact just like someone locked the door and never came back.


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  1. k says:

    that owner was a very grouchy woman>> very sad because i liked a few of their dishes a lot.. that place turned me away for a 40th bday party .. and i ended up giving almost 3000 to another spot.. she was not helpful

  2. Mike says:

    The place is up for sale…$1.6 million. Doesn’t seem too high a price for a prime State Street location.

  3. k says:

    by the way.. as of sunday this am.. not cloths on the tables

  4. Tony says:

    We used to go there a lot. The food was just OK , but to sit up in the balcony in the eve with a few margaritas was fantastic (especially on Tuesdays with the farmers market). Wish I owned that building, I’d love to live in the upstairs space and rent out the bottom for a small cafe or somesuch, Just dreamin:-)

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