Reader Jonathan was at TonyRay’s Mexican Cantina at 731 De la Guerra Plaza last week and noticed that it is in a slow, quiet transition back to the family who ran Papagallo’s Peruvian restaurant. I called Jorge Ricci formerly of Papagallo’s and was given a few details. Starting in mid-January TonyRay’s closed and is now open just for special events, weddings and parties. The venue is still called “TonyRay’s” and retains the same owner but it will be run by Jorge Ricci of Papagallo’s and will be offering Papagallo’s popular cuisine. The new venue is planning to expand at the end of the year so that it will have a State St. entrance. To make reservations call Jorge Ricci at (805) 637-1431.

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  1. Steve says:

    I enjoyed many memorable dinners at Papagallo’s in the mid 80s. If Jorge can recapture his Peruvian mojo, he can expect my patronage.

  2. Jan Timbrook says:

    Oooh, I hope they will be open for regular walk-in customers I LOVED Papagallo’s!

  3. Glenn says:

    Yay! South American food(I think) in SB!

  4. sharyl scozzaro says:

    Jorge”s ceviche is the best I have ever had. ever!

  5. mccurry says:

    Yes !! we want it back!!

  6. aug says:

    sure was bad!! they took your money then kicked everyone out after an hour saying the place was double booked

  7. Karen Di Massa says:

    Wonderful news. Would eat at Jorge’s Papagallo’s on a
    regular basis. Moved out of state for a few years but visited Santa
    Barbara several times, always remembering the delicious food
    offerings there and being disappointed the restaurant was closed.
    Good luck Jorge!! Now I have another reason to look forward to
    vacations in SB.

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