This just in from Ken Boxer, owner of Palazzio at 1026 State St:

Hi John,

Daria and I were in Chicago at the restaurant show in May and we came across
the inventor (Terri Rogers) of a new alternative to pasta.  It’s called the
“NOoodle.”  Palazzio now offers the healthier alternative to pasta. The
“NOoodle.” Palazzio has the exclusive in Santa Barbara. No other restaurant
or store is currently offering this alternative to pasta. The NOoodle has No
Fat, No Net Carbs, No Calories, No Soy, and No Gluten. But it has plenty of
flavor!! If you want to learn about this healthier alternative to pasta go
to the NOoodle website at:


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2 Responses to NOOODLE

  1. Terri Rogers says:

    I look forward to hearing how the people of Santa Barbara like the New NoOodle with Oodles of No (-:

  2. Pam Strickland says:

    I would love to know how they get around the “smell of the sea” if these taste like other such products. Will Ken be selling them or just serving them at the restaurant? Would he be willing to share his secrets to getting over the texture and smell? Would love to get more information!

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