Le Crepe Shoppe opened last Saturday at 15 W. Guiterrez St next to Santa Barbara Roasting Company and Chocolate Maya. Owner Jill Barton tells me that they served 60-80 crepes on their first day.

They offer crepes with two different batters: sweet and savory. Sweet options include lemon & sugar, chocolate, jams, honeys, strawberry & cream, nutella and more. Savory options include ham & cheese, smoked salmon, roast beef, goat cheese and more. Not all options will be available every day.

Barton tells me that Le Crepe Shoppe will be local-friendly and use the farmers market and other local resources. The chocolate crepes and a variety of chocolate drinks available at Le Crepe Shoppe will me made with sweets provided by Barton’s aunt Maya next door.

Barton was raised in Switzerland and after moving to Santa Barbara she worked as a cook at Mousse Odile, Café Buenos Aires, on boats at the harbor, and attended culinary school in San Francisco. For more information about Le Crepe Shoppe call 963-5555.

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  1. Andi ^..^~ says:

    YEahee! Sunny , fresh and fun ..just in time for Spring and Summer

  2. Paul says:

    nom nom nom nom! I want crepes now.

  3. EL says:

    Nice people. Great idea. But the menu itself is a bit of a snooze. I wish it was a little cheaper and a little more diverse.

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