Juan & Jeffe’s, listed in the Mexican cuisine category of the restaurant guide, has one distinction that sets it apart from all other restaurants on the South Coast: it has never served any food. Not a single breakfast. Not a single lunch. Not a single dinner. In fact it has no employees and has never even opened its doors. This is because Juan & Jeffe’s doesn’t exist.

A year or so ago reader Jeff suggested I try an experiment. His idea was to see if an eatery, originating in the SantaBarbara.com Restaurant Guide, would eventually appear on other web sites. Though I doubted anything would actually result from this, I grabbed some random photos, chose a random address, borrowed SantaBarbara.com’s first phone number from 1996 and “Juan & Jeffe’s” was born.

Much to my surprise, reader Jeff’s experiment yielded some results, and Juan & Jeffe’s began appearing on a variety of web sites (listed below). In addition to web sites, Juan & Jeffe’s ended up in iPhone and Android apps distributed around the globe. It appears that our address mysteriously changed to 1167 State Street along the way and one site even gave us a 3-star rating – not bad considering this is my first restaurant.

Feel free to stop by for some good old-fashioned cooking at the South Coast’s only virtual restaurant. Though it is a bit hard to locate, Juan & Jeffe’s offers Santa Barbara’s finest cuisine – and service with a smile.

Happy April Fools Day!








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  1. Tom says:

    Got ’em!!! I plan to visit Juan & Jeffe’s often.

  2. Chris says:

    Again, another example why i don’t get my restaurant news from the Independent. They report on facts, unlike the Restaurant Guy? Wasn’t that their argument over CBA was all about? Funny.

  3. Glenn says:

    I hear their Taco per ounce ratio is the best in the world.

  4. Chris C says:

    After several attempts to find Juan & Jeffe’s because we like to try new places, it’s good to be let in on a not-so-funny joke/deception. The recent reviews suggested it was a spoof, and here’s the proof. We’ll definitely read Restaurant Guy “journalism” more skeptically in the future, kinda’ like watching James O’Keefe videos.

    • John Dickson says:

      FYI, Juan & Jeffe’s was officially “closed” earlier today. Restaurant owners never notify me when they close their eateries, and usually they don’t contact me when they open a location, so the restaurant guide will never be 100% accurate. Think of it as a pretty good approximation of what’s out there. If you ever can’t find a restaurant, send me an email and I will investigate.

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