Though the owner and the Indy might turn my body into Swiss cheese for saying this, I am going to officially declare Zia Cafe at 532 State St closed. This is because Zia failed my 5-point restaurant mortality test:

1) Is the phone number disconnected? Check.

2) Is a “for lease” sign on the building? Check.

3) Did someone post an inquiry on Edhat.com asking “What’s Up with (insert restaurant name here)?” Check.

4) Do the place settings, chairs and miscellaneous stuff seem to be accumulating dust? Check.

5) Are the place settings, chairs and miscellaneous stuff in the exact same position as they were many months earlier? Check.

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3 Responses to ZIA CAFE CLOSES

  1. WM says:

    That place has been for sale forever but they were simply asking too much money for it. Sellers have to be realistic as to what their place is worth in this economy.

  2. Hey, John, remember it was the news side of the Indy that gave you a hard time–Food at the Indy thinks you’re great, and I’m more than willing to let you do the “who is open/who is not” news. I’ll just write about ’em after they’ve been there for awhile….

  3. Glenn says:

    The owner has a deal with all the local news places, waiting for you to comment then the highest bidder gets the scoop. 🙂 Too bad I wanted to try the place but going by yesterday it looked like Bodie and next door said they had not seen them open at all. Is it in litigation?

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