Santa Barbara will soon have two vegan restaurants right next to each other. Alchemy Arts Cafe just opened at 430 Chapala Street and The Chamomile is opening soon, 30 feet away, at 426 Chapala Street.

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  1. SL says:

    This is very trouble to say the least. If you value your safety I’d recommend steering clear of this area. The area looks like it will become a breeding ground for homegrown terrorists.

    Animal rights activists (vegans) have been murdering and attempting to murder high profile individuals for decades and the press barely mentions the fact that they are left wing vegetarians.

    Starting from Charles Manson (a vegan) and his girlfriend Squeaky Fromme (who attempted to kill President Ford) to people like Fran Stephanie Trutt who attempted to murder the president of US Surgical there has been a litany of vegan killer lunatics that continues to this day.

    As we know, when it needs food, our body indicates this to us with the feeling of hunger. But there are also other signals if specific nutrients are deficient. Meat is the best source of several nutrients. When our bodies are deficient in these, we become irritable and aggressive. This is a perfectly natural signal built into our genetic make-up over our evolution: our bodies are telling us to go out and kill something to eat. This is why strict vegetarians tend to be so vociferous. It is a trait that was recognised long ago; it was, after all, the vegetarian Cain who killed the carnivorous Abel, not the other way round. The vegan Kikuyu tribe in Kenya were the perpetrators of the murderous Mau Mau in the 1950s, not their wholly carnivorous, but peaceful, neighbours, the Maasai.

    When man made the transition from a hunter-gatherer to an agrarian who farmed the land, not only did he need to begin building fences, but this necessitated the conquest of more land and in place of slaughtering animals, he began slaughtering his fellow humans.

    Many hunter-gatherer societies around the world were pushed to extinction by agriculturalists and farmers who ate a largely vegetarian diet.

    • OD says:

      Wow, SL. Thank you so much for warning us. I’d hate to be hacked to death by a broccoli-crazed left-wing maniac when all I really wanted was a wheatgrass smoothie and a cruelty-free raw carob cupcake. I’ll go to McDonald’s where people are carnivorous and civilized.

      • SL says:

        No problem, OD. With all the turmoil in the world I imagine the lunatic vegans who go mostly unnoticed see this as a prime time to strike against us. You can never be too careful; two vegan restaurants adjacent to each other raise major red flags. Educate yourself and keep vigilant.

    • Lada Gratida says:

      This sick humor was weird fiction indeed but laughable because of its unbelievable ignorance.

  2. Amanda H says:

    I for one am VERY happy to see not just one, but two, vegan restaurants coming to town. While I am not a vegan I am on a restricted diet (due to a medical condition) I am always happy to see the number of restaurants I can eat at grow.

    I look forward to checking them out in the near future.

  3. SL says:

    Vegans and vegetarians are actively crusading to eliminate your dietary choice, and have actively pushed forward their agenda to take healthy animal protein out of our diets. They are using legal and illegal means to accomplish their ends.

    Vegans are the worst of all – and we are not just referring to their virtually non-stop flatulence – vegans seem to be in a perpetual state of anger. This is exacerbated when someone or someplace does not go way out of their way to cater to their extreme dietary whims.

    They often feel that they are morally and ethically superior to the rest of us and are eager to pass judgement and seek to educate those of us who do not follow this substandard, unhealthy dietary fad. Perhaps worst of all, they seek to pass influence over children, and to use their positions of trust with the children of others to feed such children vegan and vegetarian dietary propaganda.

    • OD says:

      Yeah, and you know, one time a Kikuyu family moved in down the street from me where I used to live. All my neighbors said, “Well, there goes the neighborhood!” I mean, who wants to live near a bunch of vegans? So we all sold out and moved to a better area, and you know, within a year that block was plum filled with vegans and their endless farting and their stupid sprouts and arrogance. Nobody who goes there ever comes out. It’s awful what can happen.

      Thank you, SL, for raising awareness of this growing problem.

  4. WM says:

    Somebody should have done their research before deciding to open to similar places right next to each other with both serving a rather small portion of the population. So which one of these places is the first to make an appearance in the “Rest in Peace” portion of the blog for business that have closed within the last 6 months? I’m guessing 426 Chapala since recent history at that spot seems to be littered with one failure after another.

  5. S. Miller says:

    I know this is an open house for all postings, positive and negative, but seriously is there anything nice SL has to say? Bottom line is there are so many wonderful things the city of Santa Barbara has to offer and people are one of them. But SL doesn’t seem to fit into that class of Santa Barbara! I’m not sure if SL has taken the time to leave the keyboard to take a look around to see what life in Santa Barbara has to offer. Be happy you are healthy and hopefully have a job, although your job seems to only be bashing businesses that are just trying to make a living. Many of us are just trying to feed our families and keep our homes, and then we have people like SL that feel the need to just talk bad about businesses without knowing who is actually behind them. I would love to know what SL has to offer this city and give the people of this posting a chance to elaborate their feelings on it, although most of us actually have tact and don’t hide behind blog postings to talk about people and their businesses. Keep up the good work SL because if you knew anything about the Internet or society “bad press is better than no press”. So you are actually doing these businesses a favor. With all that is going on in this world the last thing we need is more hate. And honestly saying that the Vegan Restaurants are breeding grounds for homegrown terrorists is just tasteless! There are plenty of other cities to live if you’re not happy here.

    • SL says:

      An elitist holier than thou perpetually angry SB resident; let me guess you’re a veggie and drive a Prius?

      Like all radical left wing movements, Vegans and Vegetarians try to prove that not only are they more ethical and compassionate than ordinary mortals, but they are also more intelligent – a kind of dietary Ubermensch.

      Just as the Nazis promoted studies to show Aryan superiority based upon race, now vegetarians in academia and other pseudoscientists are cooking up “studies” designed to prove that vegetarians are indeed smarter, and the gullible masses are buying it.

      • a p c says:

        I’m a registered republican and I’m mostly vegetarian. You are retarded.

        • Teresa says:

          I am a vegan and a far right conservative! I do it for health reasons. The China Study has proven, for those with the intellectual capacity to understand, that a vegan diet is the healthiest. And I drive a Yukon XL and belong to the NRA, so when crazies like SL threaten me while I enjoy my vegan fare I can protect myself from his crazy ass. What an idiot.

  6. foodie says:

    I am extremely happy that there are two new restaurants opening with a new concept for SB.
    I think we should ALL, whether we are vegan or not, support these two establishments because it is us, the locals, who keep restaurants alive and running -especially new ones.

    OD and S.Miller, you both are invited to dine with me anytime you like!

    • OD says:

      Well, foodie, that depends. Are you in a perpetual state of anger? Have you killed anybody lately? Which vegetable did you use? And, well, how do I say this, are you a frequent breaker of wind? A person has to be careful who he befriends these days.

  7. A SB Native says:

    Please also note that the parking lot in between those two locations is NOT open to the public or the restaurant patrons. It is a private lot for permit holders only.

    Other that that….. I am excited for the restaurants. I hope they do well.

  8. S.Miller says:

    Actually I am an “SUV driving, meat eating republican kind of gal” who is NOT angry by all means. Extremely passionate and gives back to the community which I happen to love and support in many ways. Wow! Let’s talk about angry, have you read your own posts, “terrorists, right wingers, Charles Manson” im sure there are a lot of really great therapists who specialize in anger management but they don’t use blogs so not sure if you would be interested since you won’t be able to offer any feedback. Look I’m just here to support our local businesses not bash them. My time has been wasted enough on this. I feel my point came across so I’m done and going to get a bite to eat at one of our amazing local restaurants!!!!

    • SL says:

      Violent protest and militancy seem to go hand-in-hand with left-wing movements. Such movements are heavily populated by vegetarians and vegans.

      Earth First! PETA and other militant organizations often will attack restaurants which serve meat such as McDonald’s or KFC. Have you ever seen meat-eaters attack a vegetable stand? The majority of these protesters are vegetarians.

      Vegans and vegetarians will protest fast food chains and even butcher shops. Some of these protests have resulted in vandalism and worse. They protest the killing of cute little cuddly animals, yet these same protesters protest for abortion, or the killing of human babies!

      But they are more moral than we are. Right

      • NB says:

        Whoa there! Actually I don’t think what McDonalds uses is actually meat, thought I read that somewhere. I remember a time 30 years ago when I think it was Jack in the Box got nailed for using horse meat.

        Just for the record, I choose vegan because I don’t like the taste of meat and meat by products. I (unlike you) do not force my ideas or beliefs onto any other living being. As a matter of fact, my spouse and my child both eat meat and meat by products and love them.

        And I certainly don’t think that this is the forum to address abortion, this is the dining section of, not the SL blog / point of view. You are so busy spouting off about how people should eat meat so they won’t be angry, makes me wonder if you even eat / like meat. You seem to be the angry one here, not the other e-gad dare I say it….”Vegans!” must be all those plants were are eating.

      • Teresa says:

        You seem to be pretty much in attack mode right now. So who’s the violent one? I think you should lay off the meat. And look into the blood drinking Masai tribe which is a pretty violent bunch. Your theory is flawed.

  9. Glenn says:

    I think there is a book in your future, or have you written one already? :) You can just drop by Shaloob for the meat, plop it on a table and just have a salad! I tend to try places regardless of what they serve and review accordingly, but I guess its one you can steer(moo) clear of.

  10. I couldn’t be more thrilled that Santa Barbara will be offering more than one option for those of us in the community who choose plant-based diets. From what I understand, these two restaurants will be very different in the types of food they serve, so hopefully there will be room for both in town! Personally, as a vegan, I can’t wait to try both.

    SL–I try to be very careful in my life about making blatant generalities and espousing hateful views towards any group. It is amazing to me how incredibly angry you are. If I were to take your approach, I might assume it is because you are a meat eater and then provide, oh, maybe about a billion examples of other hateful meat eaters. But that just doesn’t seem reasonable to me.

    My personal experience with being vegetarian and then vegan has been a fairly peaceful one. The individuals I know who have similar diets to myself have been equally non-violent, though I can well imagine there are exceptions, as there are in any group. Most vegans I know use compassion as their litmus test for whether something is acceptable or unacceptable in their lives. So, my friend, I feel compassion for you, and truly hope you think about expanding your cache of information to include an examination of animal agribusiness, for starters. If you’d like a list of books you might consult, check out Go Vegan Santa Barbara at

  11. I just wanted to thank SL for giving me some serious jaw-dropping, wind-breaking laughs this morning. If anyone has shown any kind of anger or militancy it’s most certainly you, and your prejudice is so outrageous it’s truly laughable.

    I will admit that there are a small number of veg*ns who do carry out protests and direct action which may be deemed aggressive but you should not tar all of us with the same brush. I’m vegan, peaceful and proud of who I am & what I stand for. I also give you the right to be whoever you want to be too, without making any prejudgments.

    This wiki article might be of interest to you, as most vegans I know of a committed to practicing non-violence in their every day lives:


  12. Very Peaceful Vegetarian says:

    I have to completely agree with Kelly, Carrie, and NB. I have been vegetarian for many years…which is my own personal business and choice. I don’t like the idea of eating meat and I certainly don’t push this belief upon anyone else. I am one of the most peaceful people there is…of course there are violent vegans and vegetarians as well as violent meat eaters. SL of course has no research base to support his theory and I think perhaps may benefit from help from a mental health professional due to anger issues.

  13. Huyen Nguyen says:

    I think he’s doing it for attention and being ridiculous because he has nothing else better to do but provoke people. The more we respond the more it will fuel him to be silly and over the top with nonsense. He knows exactly what he’s doing and is probably “OD” too – which would be even more strange…

    • SL says:

      I’m a female, by the way.

    • OD says:

      Actually I have no idea what I’m doing. Just so you know.

    • a p c says:

      i loooooove when troll-y 4chan-esque flame-wars happen on these sites that are mostly frequented by older (than eleven years old) internet people. It’s the same stuff over and over.
      Troll: Rarr! I am special and enlightened and disagree with you all because u r stupid!
      community: whoa whoa here is some counter-argument
      Troll: MOAR RANTZ
      community: wait wait don’t say anything to them, don’t feed the trolls!
      Troll: (either starts attacking people’s grammar or going OH IM ACTUALLY A WOMAN/NOT WHAT Y’ALL ASSUMED I WAS [this is almost never a good internet move])

      It’s the same every time! I love you, older internet people.

  14. S.Miller says:

    Well there we go another angry woman in this world who feels the need to bash out at everyone else for their attempts to try and become successful men or women. As I was looking thru all the other posts and her angry post responses now I understand why she bashed those Happy Hour Housewives on their blog. I looked at it today for the first time and I am excited to say there is finally a place I can find online that talks about Happy Hours and what they have to offer as far as the times and prices and detailed info! My friends and I search the Internet and call restaurants all the time for this information. Now I’m just gonna go to their site. Looks like they have fun like the rest of us at Happy Hour, keep blogging I need to know the next spot to go to!

  15. Glenn says:

    So in summation SL just likes to Fly Like an Eagle?

  16. Hi All–

    Turns out Alchemy Arts Cafe isn’t vegan…it’s vegetarian. They serve eggs at breakfast and offer goat’s milk for their coffees. Their lunch menu seems to be vegan, but because of the use of animal products in other of their offerings, you can’t call this restaurant “vegan”. I had lunch there today and will post a review tonight on their page as well as at the Go Vegan Santa Barbara Facebook page.

  17. Bellamy Beetroot says:

    I myself am a beetroot, and i find the discussions in this thread highly offensive to my people. Over the years our kind have migrated across the agricultural planes of many continents. When I was but a seed, my cousin the potato was uprooted and mashed, right in front of my eyes. I have never been the same since. We have dealt with horrible oppression under the merciless jaws of the plough, dealt with social cancers such as inbreeding, which caused frequent outbreaks of zombieism and other genetic mutations. Many of my vegetable brothers and sisters are battling drug addiction after lifelong use of various steroids and other chemicals.

    And now this…

    TWO vegan houses of death have been set up in Santa Barbara to inflict their merciless wrath upon my earthen veggie-brethren. Shame upon ye, a true friend of the earth would eat nowt that casts a shadow.

    Bellamy B Beetroot.

  18. D says:

    S.L. you are very funny! Thank you for the humor and those who are taking you serious need a course in satire!
    Thank you for the fun. :-)

  19. Brigitte says:

    SL has given us all some serious comic relief with her crazy babbling! LOL! The Chamomile changed it’s name to “Adama” and it’s good, (baked good are outrageously yummy!). I recommend and haven’t been the The Alchamy Arts Center but look forward to hanging with those terrorists soon!

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