Star Trek’s William Shatner is celebrating his 80th birthday today. Co-star Leonard Nimoy turns 80 this Saturday. (I’m a computer geek. I’m obligated to report this stuff.)

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5 Responses to WAY OFF TOPIC

  1. Glenn says:

    Are we going to start a Star Trek vs Star Wars debate then?

    • roger says:

      I hereby submit myself for the guinness book of world records, as the only guy (age 55) who has never seen star trek , nor any of the star wars movies- just never cared- I guess I am missing part of my culture!

  2. Krista & Tony says:

    Worse, the phrase “Dammit Jim I’m a Doctor not a __________” has no meaning to you!

    Poor soul, it might be time for intervention:-)

  3. Glenn says:

    But is it me or are they just a little too close in this picture with Spock blowing in Jim’s ear and where is Spock’s other hand and why is Jim smiling? I guess that would just be too illogical though.

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