A new vegan restaurant named Alchemy Arts Cafe open last Friday at 430 Chapala St. It is part of a new wellness spa named the Alchemy Arts Center. The cafe serves juices and “holistic cuisine” which includes primarily raw items made with local seasonal produce. I am told the menu items are mostly lactose & gluton-free and are “nutritious, designed to support vital energy and balance to the whole body.” Alchemy Arts Cafe is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner from 7am-9pm and is closed on Tuesdays. For more information call 899-8811 or visit

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  1. Amanda H says:

    I am really interested in this restaurant, but the website doesn’t let you view information about the cafe, only the classes and basic info. As someone who eats Gluten-free (amongst other things) I am always excited to see new places that offer new choices.

  2. SL says:

    “holistic cuisine” aka bland and tasteless.

  3. NB says:

    Holistic doesn’t = bland and tasteless. Vegan food can be amazing if it is prepared well same as any other type of food….

    • SL says:

      Animal rights activists (vegans) have been murdering and attempting to murder high profile individuals for decades and the press barely mentions the fact that they are left wing vegetarians.

      Starting from Charles Manson (a vegan) and his girlfriend Squeaky Fromme (who attempted to kill President Ford) to people like Fran Stephanie Trutt who attempted to murder the president of US Surgical there has been a litany of vegan killer lunatics that continues to this day.

      As we know, when it needs food, our body indicates this to us with the feeling of hunger. But there are also other signals if specific nutrients are deficient. Meat is the best source of several nutrients. When our bodies are deficient in these, we become irritable and aggressive. This is a perfectly natural signal built into our genetic make-up over our evolution: our bodies are telling us to go out and kill something to eat. This is why strict vegetarians tend to be so vociferous. It is a trait that was recognised long ago; it was, after all, the vegetarian Cain who killed the carnivorous Abel, not the other way round. The vegan Kikuyu tribe in Kenya were the perpetrators of the murderous Mau Mau in the 1950s, not their wholly carnivorous, but peaceful, neighbours, the Maasai.

      When man made the transition from a hunter-gatherer to an agrarian who farmed the land, not only did he need to begin building fences, but this necessitated the conquest of more land and in place of slaughtering animals, he began slaughtering his fellow humans.

      Many hunter-gatherer societies around the world were pushed to extinction by agriculturalists and farmers who ate a largely vegetarian diet.

      • jk says:

        SL, you might consider there are others in this world who are moderate and do not see life in the extreme, as you do. Further there are many instances of “peaceful societies” that were vegetarian including the Mori Ori, the original inhabitants of New Zealand who were wiped out by the Maori invaders who were cannibals and definitely meat eaters, as they ate anything that moved and deforested, killed off, all the native species. So selective cultural anthropology does not make a position where Charles Manson is used as an example unless your goal is simple irony.

    • BE says:

      It would appear that SL has some anger issues. Perhaps a little less meat and Glenn Beck in his/her diet might help :-). Delighted to see this new addition to the culinary scene and will be going there shortly.

      • SL says:

        Our bodies are fantastic machines, and they produce instincts in reaction to stimuli – some of which we have learned to repress. Our craving for chocolates and/or something sweet is partly from our natural urge to diversify our diets to increase our intake of essential vitamins and minerals. In ancient times, after we killed our dinner, we would get our vitamins from fruits and berries. This craving stays with us today.

        We also are driven to aggression by the lack of animal protein. You must have noticed that when you eat in a Chinese restaurant, you are hungry two hours or so later? This is due to the large amount of vegetables and small amount of meat. (This was more true in the old days of reasonable portions!)

        Vegetarians are always hungry. Those of you who have vegetarian friends, can attest to this.

        Just like the animals of the savannah, the lions can lie about relaxing between high protein kills, while the antelope and vegetarian animals must nervously eat and eat and eat the whole day long in order to get enough food. They too, are always hungry. They too are angry. In fact, the most dangerous animal in Africa is not the lion, but the vegetarian hippo.

  4. Huyen Nguyen says:

    So excited to hear this! It’s about time SB has a real Vegan joint in town :)

  5. Alchemy! Go Vegan Santa Barbara welcomes you to town! We will include you in our restaurant guide at Let’s hope that “SL” stops by your place and enjoys your food while reading a copy of the China Study, and then takes a little time to self-educate on the evils of factory farming. Welcome, welcome, welcome!!! :)

    • SL says:

      How many vegetables had to die for your stupid salad??

      • I’m not totally sure to be honest. But let’s get this straight…Are you trying to draw a comparison between a vegetable grown in the ground that was then picked and eaten (remembering here that veggies don’t have nervous systems or experience pain the way animals do) to a chicken, for example, which spends every single day of its genetically modified and antibiotic laced existence confined in a space less than the sheet of paper with thousands upon thousands of chicken friends awaiting a cruel and brutal death? Interesting! Would love to hear more about this rationale!

        • SL says:

          Many people are tired of being told what they can and cannot eat. We don’t want to be lectured by righteous food Nazis, who feel that their ethical standards are higher than ours, therefore, they can dictate morality and diet to us. Vegans want to take the chicken right out of your pot!

          • Hi SL–

            I have no interest at all in telling you what to eat. None. I’d be really, genuinely curious to know what your response is to this video:

            Would you have a look at it and give me your thoughts? I am not being facetious. I’d honestly like to know.

            What I see in that video is not ok with me, and I’d be surprised to learn it is ok with you. I don’t eat animal products because I am not interested in giving money to people who abuse animals, for any reason.

            What’s your take? Thanks.

          • MT says:

            if you really believe that, then why are you spending so much time and energy telling people what they should and should not eat?

  6. S. Miller says:

    I know this is an open house for all postings, positive and negative, but seriously is there anything nice SL has to say? Bottom line is there are so many wonderful things the city of Santa Barbara has to offer and people are one of them. But SL doesn’t seem to fit into that class of Santa Barbara! I’m not sure if SL has taken the time to leave the keyboard to take a look around to see what life in Santa Barbara has to offer. Be happy you are healthy and hopefully have a job, although your job seems to only be bashing businesses that are just trying to make a living. Many of us are just trying to feed our families and keep our homes, and then we have people like SL that feel the need to just talk bad about businesses without knowing who is actually behind them. I would love to know what SL has to offer this city and give the people of this posting a chance to elaborate their feelings on it, although most of us actually have tact and don’t hide behind blog postings to talk about people and their businesses. Keep up the good work SL because if you knew anything about the Internet or society “bad press is better than no press”. So you are actually doing these businesses a favor. With all that is going on in this world the last thing we need is more hate. And honestly saying that the Vegan Restaurants are breeding grounds for homegrown terrorists is just tasteless! There are plenty of other cities to live if you’re not happy here.

    • SL says:

      An elitist holier than thou perpetually angry SB resident; let me guess you’re a veggie and drive a Prius?

      Like all radical left wing movements, Vegans and Vegetarians try to prove that not only are they more ethical and compassionate than ordinary mortals, but they are also more intelligent – a kind of dietary Ubermensch.

      Just as the Nazis promoted studies to show Aryan superiority based upon race, now vegetarians in academia and other pseudoscientists are cooking up “studies” designed to prove that vegetarians are indeed smarter, and the gullible masses are buying it.

      • NB says:

        Seriously did not mean to open this huge can of worms!

        SL, please understand something, I am not a fan of a vegan diet because I can’t stand the fact that animals were killed. I understand survival of the fittest.

        The reason I am vegan is because I actually don’t like the taste (or smell) for that matter of meat. I don’t eat eggs because they produce an unpleasant reaction in my digestive system that equals bad gas, same thing goes for milk and milk by products. This has happened since I was young and don’t think that I need to “eat meat to not be angry” coincidentally I am not angry, I am a very happy person.

        Oh and I don’t drive a Prius, my car is an older model 5 speed transmission.

        Just want you to understand that it isn’t always about the animals rights, this is about my right to live a life where I am not in pain just so I can say I eat meat and am proud of it.


  7. Jill Brouillard says:

    I say Good Luck to Alchemy Arts Cafe, they can only make our restaurant scene better for the whole community. And as far as the chatter above, some people have too much time to waste.

  8. Marley says:

    Alchemy Arts Center Cafe is open six days a week from 7am to 8pm and closed on Sundays.

  9. jk says:

    Back off everyone, I see a strong similarity to Manson and SL…. hate?

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