Reader Brian tells me that the building at 108 Pierpont Road in Summerland, more commonly known as Big Yellow House, is in escrow. After decades of service, Big Yellow House closed in 2006. Now we have a Big Yellow Question: If the property sells, what is the new owner planning to do with it?

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  1. Jerry Russoniello says:

    When I moved to SB in 1974!!! I drove up from LAX and saw the “Big Yellow House” as I was driving up the coast and starving.Stopped in at dinner time. I was by myself and just off the boat from New Jersey. I was so happy to be here and the cutest Ca. girl was my waitress and the food was plentyful. I was in Heaven and only a few miles from SB.

    Was a great memory. I really hope someone makes it into the great place with the great food and service I remember from my first meal in the SB area.

  2. Paul says:

    Many great memories as a kid going to the Big Yellow House and stepping on the scale to determine the price of my meal.

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