A new mobile gourmet food service named “O Street Truck” will debut in Santa Barbara at the end of February. They specialize in Mediterranean, French-Mex and French Vietnamese fare. O Street Truck will travel around the South Coast (Santa Barbara, Goleta, Carpinteria, Isla Vista) and you might also see it parked near the Sunday Arts & Craft Show on Cabrillo Blvd. O Street Truck will also cater weddings, parties and special events and has a sound system for music and a sports video screen.

The menu includes: French pastry pizzas (tomato-pesto or goat cheese and onion) $4, Banh Mi sandwich (French bread, marinated beef or chicken, cilantro, cucumbers and carrots) $5.50, French-Mex rosemary-garlic beef or chicken tacos $2.50, French-Mex brie quesadilla w/ mango $3, Pommes Frites $2.50, Provencal tomato soup with basil & baguette $4, Italian cucumber-tomato-basil salad with French vinaigrette $2.50, Lemon ice dessert $2.50, and Iced French Vietnamese coffee $2.

For more information call 966-1630 or visit

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  1. foodie says:

    Yeah!!!! This one looks good!

  2. sygyzy says:

    Yeah this doesn’t scream disaster. A food truck that specializes in Mediterranean, French-Mex and French Vietnamese fare.

  3. Amanda says:

    Yay, I’m so excited to have another food truck! I love the Burger Bus, it’s so much fun tracking down the buses/trucks and trying out new food.

  4. SL says:

    Judging by their menu, I think they are a little late to the “fusion” food truck bandwagon.

  5. foodie says:

    Wait what??? i think this is a crazy idea!.I wonder if O street peeps have any type of restaurant experience?

    • SA says:

      As for restaurant experience, that would be a resounding yes! There is a great crew of hard working folks with both managerial, FOH and BOH experience. Give em a try!

  6. btao says:

    Their beef Banh Mi sandwich was delicious. However, I found the steak to be chewy and gristly. After gnawing through the crusty roll and steak my jaw was sore. I hope I just had a bad cut or they find a better procurer for the steak – until then I’d suggest trying the chicken. Reasonably priced, great flavor, immaculately clean kitchen, and friendly staff (there were 6 people inside the truck!). Definitely recommend checking them out. Looking forward to trying the french pastry pizza (wasn’t on the menu today).

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