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Open from 8 a.m. to sunset every day, this Skate Park was open long before its much lauded cousin to the north.  It has quietly been serving the skating needs of Carpinteria youth since 1999 and has proven to be quite a success.

Made of wood rather than concrete, this park is perched above ground rather than seated within the ground.  Situated right next to the train tracks, the park offers a great look at the talents of young riders.

The day I went for a photo shoot at the Carpinteria Skateboard Park, I first encountered Breana Alonzo skating alone, with her father watching nearby. I was later told by more than one of the park regulars that she is likely the best skater around. Watching her spend nearly as much time in the air with her board as on the ground, there was little doubt in my mind of her amazing skills. 

As Breana left for the day, Eric Romero took her place as my volunteer action star, performing triumphantly for the camera. The park was soon filled with other after school regulars, including Nathan Zemke, Noah Babcock, Vincent Figueroa, Sebatian Medal and Stevie Mirkin. Unlike the rest of the skaters in the park, Vincent preferred to use the popular Razor (a skateboard with handlebars) to perform his mobile miracles.

A skater myself many years ago, I watched these young athletes perform tricks considered impossible by the world's best skaters of my day.

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A popular move is to ride level across the park then suddenly kick the board in the air. The rider sails upward with the board and lands on a ledge high above where they started. It seems to defy all laws of physics and is amazing to watch. Not satisfied to just land on a ledge these days, they like to add 360 degree spins in mid-air just to make sure that an onlooker's jaw drops all the way to the ground.

Come check out this park. It is great entertainment for the audience and one of the best places for kids to burn off that after school sugar!