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Carpool to the 28th Amendment Roadshow
Date: 4/26/2014

Take action to overturn Citizens United and McCutcheon

Unlimited, often secret, spending by billionaires, multinational corporations and other special interests increasingly overwhelms the voices of voters like you and your neighbors. Fortunately there is growing popular opposition to this problem.

MOVI and Common Cause are bringing nationally known leaders of the democracy movement to UCLA for the "28th Amendment Roadshow". This full-day program will present actions at the local, state and federal levels to overcome the corrupting influence of dark money political contributions.

Confirmed speakers include

* Jeff Clements - Free Speech For People (author Corporations Are Not People)
* Kathay Feng - Common Cause CA
* Trent Lange - CA Clean Money
* Daniel Lee - Move To Amend
* Amanda Kneif - Author, The Citizen Lobbyist

and many more.

The Roadshow is a fabulous opportunity for citizens who are concerned about restoring American democracy to learn, network and be inspired.

MOVI-SB is organizing carpools from Santa Barbara to bring more people to the conference. Every additional driver will have a multiplier effect, as more folks from Santa Barbara & Ventura want to attend the Roadshow than are able to get there on their own..

Register now to pair up with drivers and riders who are committed to democratic action.

Also, be sure your contact information is up to date at this link: You will be contacted by email to arrange travel details.

Note: the Roadshow is from 9AM to 6PM at UCLA. Roadshow registration is separate from the carpool, and includes lunch. Follow the links in the carpo0l page above for Roadshow info and registration.

For more information about 'Money Out / Voters In' visit

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