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POP UP DOC. Film Festival - Showing controversial films at the Arlington Theater - Noon - Midnight
Date: 1/23/2014

Hello, we are the POP UP Film Festival and we are coming to Santa Barbara!

The Pop Up Film Festival is coming to Santa Barbara. On January 23, 2014 form Noon to Midnight, 7 controversial films will be shown at the Arlington Theater in Santa Barbara. The Pop Up festival appears wherever we feel needed. We are bound by no country, city or state. Next year we may be in Denver, Paris or even Prague. Our festival will be about WomEn's rights and the unlawful prosecution of local activist Joshua Braun of Horta Pharm. We will be showing:

• Sharon Stone's new film, "Femme" - as seen on Piers Morgan shown CNN, directed by local director Emmanuel Litier. This film includes local hero Barbara Marx Hubbard as well as Gloria Steinem and many others. This is a film about Woman’s rights and power.

• "Blood Ganja", directed by local film maker Daniel Bollag tells the story of the unlawful prosecution of Joshua Braun.

• "A Womb with a View" will be presented by local film maker Jennifer Miller. This is a story of 18 women who either by choice or consequence did not have children.

• "Frank and Chip" a film by Dan Frank. This is the story immigrant couple make it to the Olympics.

• "No Burqas Behind Bars".
• "Let There Be Light" - A film in Hebrew with English subtitles. Award winning Israeli director and recent local resident, Meni Phillip tells the story about one woman's break from reality.

• "Sinner" - Winner of the Venice Film Festival, Meni Phillip's tells the story of a young Jewish student caught up in a cycle of abuse.

January 23, 2014 film Schedule

1.00-2.00 - “Frank and Chip”

2.30-3.45 - “No Burqas Behind Bars”

4.00-5.00 - “Let There Be Light”

5.15-5.45 - “Sinner”

6.00-7.00 – “Blood Ganja”

7.15-8.45 – “Femme”

9.00-9.30 – “Femme Q&A”

9.45-10.45 – “A Womb With A View”

If you have any further questions. Please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned.

Kindest Regards

Daniel Bollag

Land Of The Free LLC


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