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Sessions: Wabi Sabi for Artists with artist, Liza Lou
Date: 12/19/2013

December 19, 5-7pm

Sessions: Wabi Sabi for Artists with artist, Liza Lou

Working artists face a very particular set of challenges: financial pressure, the competitive nature of the market, and the psychological distance between making and selling art. Artist Liza Lou will discuss her own practice and lead us in a conversation about how the artist can work to manage these stresses using mindfulness techniques. We’ll also discuss the transient aspects of creativity and the nature of imperfection.


Sessions is an ongoing series of in-depth, intimate conversations designed to facilitate inquiry into the cultural, political, and social topics affecting artists and the art world.

Space is limited to ten attendees and RSVPs are required. Selected readings will be provided ahead of time for discussion. To RSVP or for questions regarding Sessions, please email Erika Recordon at or call (347) 249-5406.

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